Software Development

Powerful Signal Processing Software Suites

Our products are engineered to fulfill our customer's needs. Our main software suite, SCEPTRE, is a customizable, remoteable signal processing suite capable of realtime and offline spectrum and temporal analysis as well as signal detection, demodulation, geolocation, and recording.


Realize the full potential of your equipment

SCEPTRE is a deployable, remoteable ISR collection software suite that can act alone or as a network of receivers to perform rapid signal ID, tip and cue, c-uas, and geolocation. It can be integrated with multiple simultaneous different receivers on stationary or mobile collection platforms, and provides real-time analysis of COMINT, FISINT, and ELINT signals. It performs real time bit breakout, data streaming out, antenna position control, and pulse descriptor word creation. The versatile nature of SCEPTRE allows a user to leave it unattended for days with its built-in circular pre-d buffer, an ideal solution for remote access, RF surveys, or post event analysis.




SCEPTRE allows the user to choose the right equipment for the job while maintaining the same user interface and processing capability.
For integrated solutions, SCEPTRE can command and interface to 6 different digitizer cards and can take in generic VITA-49 or SDDS streams.
When paired with an external RF Front-End SCEPTRE is compatible with over 4 dozen receivers from a dozen manufacturers.
Lastly, SCEPTRE can pipe demodulated or raw data streams out as VITA-49 or SDDS into existing purpose built software applications and extending the life of previous customer investments and purchases.



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Utility in all Forms of SIGINT

Regardless of the target, SCEPTRE provides the tools necessary to quickly identify and exploit known, new, and unusual signal of interest. Exploitation methods and techniques for specific signal types and IDs can be rapidly, saved, and recalled for future use or distributed to other instances of SCEPTRE.

Event Driven Antenna Control

SCEPTRE interfaces directly with multiple antenna positioners and overlays antenna information directly into its map display. Antenna position can be driven by 'point-and-click', TLE, KLM, received power, or demodulated received data.

Low Probability of Intercept Detection

Built in auto-correlation function and realtime match filtering provides detection of signals below the noise floor.

pre-D and PDW FIFO Buffer

Never miss a signal again with up to days worth of pre-D and PDW data stored in a circular FIFO buffer. Go back in time, extract, demodulate, and save data to file.

DAC Transmit Capability at IF and RF

Playback recorded files at RF/IF or use built in arbitrary waveform generator to transmit simulated noise, RADAR, or analog/digital modulated waveforms

More Capabilities

  • Flexible software tuners, 100 Hz to 300 MHz

  • Recording of spectrum, pre-D, audio, PDW

  • High-speed oscilloscope, amplitude and frequency, with triggering, time-time raster

  • AM, FM, PM, SSB analog demods, FSK, ASK, PSK, QAM digital demods

  • Digital video demod and decode

  • Pulse detection and measurement with PDW generation and analysis

  • Range-Doppler processing and raster

  • Software driven wideband swept spectrum scanning         > 200 GHz/second

  • DMR protocol analysis and breakout

  • Cross-spectrum, coherence, and group delay

  • Band power measurements

  • Nonlinearity spectrum for feature detection

  • Antenna positioner control

  • Configurable processing and displays

  • Ability to pause realtime, look back, zoom, place markers

  • Precision time and frequency tracking throughout

  • Database of recordings with flexible tagging

  • Remote web interface with realtime streaming

  • Tuner server to multiple networked clients

  • Open-source API and streaming to external applications

  • DVR pre-D and PDW circular buffer

  • Many more capabilities also available