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About Us

3dB Labs was founded in 2004 by three engineers driven by the same desire: to maintain the highest quality customer relationship by consistently exceeding established expectations and never sacrificing quality for profit. 

At 3dB Labs we design, implement, and deliver solutions in engineering, signal processing, signal analysis, software development, and hardware manufacturing and development using dynamic and multidisciplinary approaches.

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Offering Solutions That Work. Plain and Simple.

We create innovative engineering solutions across a variety of government industries. Our products are thoughtfully designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results.


Powerful Software Suites and Turnkey Hardware Solutions

Our products are engineered to fulfill our customer's needs. Our main software suite, SCEPTRE, is a customizable, remoteable signal processing suite capable of realtime and offline spectrum and temporal analysis as well as signal detection, demodulation, geolocation, and recording.
MONARCH systems hold the SCEPTRE software and provides MONitoring and ARCHiving capabilities in a turnkey integrated solution.


High Performance and Innovation

3dB Labs provides clients with an expert engineering team equipped to meet various challenges across industries. Our strengths consist of DSP, geolocation algorithm development, and X-Midas software development. We strive to set ourselves apart from in our industry by providing the most straightforward, creative, and optimal solutions.

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